During our worship services, you have the opportunity to pray about what God has called you to give and contribute your gift. We receive offering in each of our worship services. If you would like to invest in the work God is doing through the ministry. Your gifts allow us to make a difference in our community and beyond, further than any one of us could on our own. Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness in giving to the work of God!

How much do I give?

Many times we tend to look at the size of the gift or the goodness of the cause. But Jesus measured generosity by a different standard: the condition of the giver’s heart. We believe that a great goal to set is to give 10 percent of your income, which was modeled for us in the Old Testament. Some may want to start with more or less, but it's often best to begin with a set percentage on a regular basis. Key things to do before giving:

  • Ask God for direction
  • Choose a percentage and commit to it
  • Remember everything we have belongs to God—the act of giving is simply offering back to God what is already his

What is the best way to give?

We believe that online giving is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to give. It's automatic, secure and immediately reflected in your giving record. The church staff and board carefully consider how our funds will be distributed among our ministries in a way that keeps our mission and most important values at the forefront. We're here to help! Simply call us at (210) 468-5551 with any questions you have!

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